Face Beauty SOV
Face Beauty SOV
Face Beauty SOV
Face Beauty SOV
Face Beauty SOV

Face Beauty SOV

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$198.00 - $99.00 Face Beauty SOV



  • Can be used twice a day for 30 seconds once, to youthful smile muscle training of face
  • Efficiently concentrates the load weight
  • Exercise Left and right equally
  • Fun to continue
  • Load can be adjusted to match the level in the balance weight

Resonance Movement
By just nodding your head up and down, you can swing the weighted ends of the bar extending from the mouthpiece. This resonance movement, generated by the up and down motion of the head produces the force that exercises facial muscles.

Technical Distance
The part that you hold between your lips extends 30mm from the center of the bar. Maintaining this slight distance from the exerciser serves to intensify the force applied to the facial muscles.

Mouth Hold
The “Mouth Hold” refers to the part of the mouthpiece that you clamp between your lips. It is designed to effectively stimulate the muscles with the force delivered to the orbicularis oris muscle.

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